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The Official Bryan Talbot fanpage / What's New

What's no longer new

but is still fun to browse
(the what's new archive number 3 of 4)


This page contains the middle archive section of the original What's New page - basically what was added and changed on the site in 1999 - and got pensioned off here ever since the original what's new page got too big for comfortable download. However in accordance with my policy statement I never delete content, and I thought that this is a great, non-linear way to browse the site, and also to look through stuff in the order that it was created in. The even older stuff is in the what's even older but I am damned if I am ever removing content page.

Monday December 13th 1999
Updated, revised and tidied up two of the major pages in the articles section: one on the True History of the Disruptors, and one on the Arkwright Multiverse: but be warned - if you've not yet read the Adventures of Luther Arkwright then these pages contain plot related info which could spoil some of the enjoyment of the comic.

Friday December 10th 1999

Added version two of Luther Teleporting: this is a more detailed animation than the old version one of the animation, and I have allowed it to be a bigger file and tried to make the action as clear as possible. And when I say "bigger" I mean it.... it's now around a meg big... so only download this one when you're at work....

Also therefore updated Textgallery One, the Gallery Two homepage and the image page navigator to include links to the new page.

Saturday December 4th 1999

Since I launched the bulletin board any available spare time has been spent keeping that up to date, so in a fit of guilt I've added a couple of good pages today.

First of all I added the page showing Chester P Hackenbush as a beer label! Also updated the Lake District gallery with two new pages, showing Helen at Hill Top, and Helen looking out over the fields - with the photos showing the real world locations of course.

Also updated this very page to slim it down, and put the excess into the what's no longer new but is still fun to browse page. I think I am going to have to make a third what's no longer new etc page soon.....

Sunday November 14th 1999
Added Alan Moore's intro to book 2 of Arkwright - which of course necessitated updating the articles, quotes, and Michael Moorcock intro pages.

Saturday November 13th 1999
Added a discussion board facility - not hosted here, but done by BeSeen: please check it out and let me know what you think.

Tuesday November 8th 1999
Added the promo page for the re-release of the Brainstorm comic - also therefore had to update image gallery 2, the text gallery page and the image navigator page...

Wednesday October 20th 1999
Added the review of the website that Comics International did, and also their reviews of the first four issues of Heart of Empire. Also therefore updated the articles homepage and the Heart of Empire homepage.

Monday October 18th 1999

Added a publicity shot of Bryan from 1982 when he launched the graphic novel of Luther Arkwright. I added this into thumbnail gallery 2 as it seemed most appropriate.. and also therefore had to update the text gallery 1, and the image page navigator.

Also updated the news page with all of Bryan's up to date news and info, and also updated the conventions homepage with news of what conventions Bryan will be attending this year.

Sunday October 10th 1999

Created a homepage for all interviews with Bryan and his comic convention reports, just so that they are all in one place on the site.

Also added thumbnail gallery four to the Heart of Empire series, and put the first pages into it, the rough, midway and final coloured versions of panel 3 of page 117 of issue four, together with the animation of all three stages: this meant also creating a new text gallery, updating the image navigator page, and updating the Gallery guide page.

I have also added a response to the Internet Magazine's review of the site, from a regular visitor to the site...

Friday October 8th 1999
Added Roger Sabin's introduction to the reprinted edition of the Brainstorm comic.

Thursday September 30th 1999
Finally added the cover of issue 9 page, and also therefore updated the Heart of Empire cover gallery.

Monday September 27th 1999
Added an interview with Bryan from an Italian fan: check it out - it's very wide ranging and gets some excellent answers to some meaty questions! - and thanks go to Lorenzo for permission to reprint it!

Tuesday September 21st 1999

I just got a review in the Internet Magazine! The full story is in the news page, or you can see the review itself - but it is a large scan at 500k.

Also check out the review of Heart of Empire from the Indy Magazine... it is inspiring!

Sunday September 19th 1999
I have just added the Rat's Whiskers, the foreword to the Tale of One Bad Rat by Stephen Gallagher, and it's a very moving article.

Friday September 10th 1999
Added Bryan's introduction to the reprint of the Brainstorm comics, and updated the news page with what Diamond Distributors said about the delays to issue five.

Saturday September 4th 1999
Added a new page to the Lake District gallery: this one is of the pub used in "Jemima Puddleduck:", and also the image from One Bad Rat as Bryan drew it.

Tuesday August 31st 1999

Added some more pithy quotes to the quotes page... it's amazing how many world famous artists and authors fall over themselves to praise Bryan's work...

Also had a bit of a house-cleaning session... if there are any problems with any of these pages, please, please let me know and I will sort it out!

Wednesday August 18th 1999
Added all of the various version of the third panel of page 106, including all three stages on one page, the first draft on it's own page, the midway through version and the final finished version both on their own pages, and finally the animation showing all three stages.

Thursday August 5th 1999
Added the first panel that has got me in it, into Heart of Empire Gallery Three: it's the second panel of page 106, where Gabriel is addressing the public meeting, and it's got all three stages of creation on a single page, or all three stages in a single animation.

Friday July 23rd 1999

Major update of the Heart of Empire galleries: all cover galleries are now in thumbnail gallery one. This means that gallery two and gallery three both had to be updated.

I also finally got to dedicate gallery three to showing Bryan's work in progress, except that now instead of first draft and finished article, I can show you the very first draft, the final black and white image and then the final colour version. The reason that so many of these images feature me as a character is that Bryan - quite rightly - assumed that these are the ones I would be most interested in. And although it is somewhat of an ego trip, I don't care!: I am a character in the Luther Arkwright multiverse, as drawn by Bryan! - YES!

Tuesday July 13th 1999
Just got a press release about the new Brainstorm book - together with a copy of the front cover image: check out the details on the news page.

Monday July 12th 1999
I just couldn't resist adding this page from Heart of Empire issue three: it shows the best way to deal with racists - whichever parallel you're from! Also added the covers to issue six and issue seven and issue eight of Heart of Empire: also therefore updated the image page navigator.

Wednesday July 7th 1999
A lot of people have asked me about reprint availability of Bryan's earlier work, so I asked Bryan about it and he told me some rather good news: check out the news page for more info!

Monday July 5th 1999
Added Bryan's advice to new Comic Creators, as when people email me for advice on how to break into comics I feel both honoured and unworthy to give my own opinions: and so here are Bryan's considered words on the subject.

Monday June 28th 1999
Added the review of Heart of Empire and the Adventures of Luther Arkwright, both by Tasha Lowe at, and also updated the articles page, and the Arkwright page.

Sunday June 20th 1999
Added page 79 from issue three in full colour version, and also in first rough draft version, both into Heart Gallery Three.

Tuesday June 15th 1999
Added the script for Shadowdeath Issue One to the Shadowdeath area: also updated and revamped the News page. Also therefore updated the articles page, and also Shadowdeath Issue One Cover Page.

Saturday June 5th 1999

Created image Gallery Five, with the Redfox picture, and Bryan's version of Morpheus, and also the gaming card images: Tolarian, Straw Golem, Mana Chains, Necratog and Barrow Ghoul. Also therefore updated the image navigator page

Also updated this page and the whats no longer new but is still fun to browse page by putting all entries on this page that were not done this year into it, and tidying it up too.

I also added a new interview with Bryan - which also necessitated updating the articles page and also the Heart of Empire homepage - but this one is a little different.. it is conducted by Hiram Kowolsky, one of the characters from the Arkwright multiverse.

Sunday May 30th 1999
Added the first page to be released from issue four - it's page 103 of the whole series. This meant that the Heart of Empire homepage had to be updated, as well as the Heart of Empire Thumbnail Gallery Three.

Saturday May 22nd 1999
Added the final colour version of page 15 of issue one of Heart of Empire and also the first rough draft version of the page, both into the Heart of Empire thumbnail gallery 3.

Tuesday May 18th 1999
Added another fan letter to the fan mail section of the Heart of Empire pages.

Sunday May 16th 1999

Added two new images to the One Bad Rat thumbnail gallery: Bryan's self portrait and the preparatory sketch of a dead rat.

Also updated the lake district gallery with an image of Helen outside Cartmell Fell church, and an image of Bowland Bridge where Helen saw the heron.




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