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The Official Bryan Talbot fanpage

What's new on the Bryan Talbot fanpage


Well - it had to happen... the What's New page has got too big for easy download, and so I have pensioned off all of the 1999 updates into the What's No Longer New, But Is Still Fun To Browse page and the rest of it into the What's even older, but I'm damned if I'm ever removing content page.

Saturday October 7th 2000
Alright! I have finally added some images optimised for use as wallpaper! There is the Heart of Empire frontispiece at 800 by 600 resolution, or 1024 by 768, and the back cover to issue one at 800 by 600 and also at 1024 by 768. You can see what both of these will look like at the Heart of Empire back cover thumbnail gallery.

Thursday October 5th 2000
Added Heart of Empire Image Gallery 5, with the back cover to issue one.

Sunday October 1st 2000
Updated the News page and tidied up Gallery 4, which involved the usual updated to Textgallery 2, and the Image Navigator page.

Sunday September 17th 2000
I have got the best reason in the world why the site has not been updated for some time - I have just got married and come back from the honeymoon! I will now start updating the site after the best holliday I have ever had! I will be putting up some photos soon .of the wedding and the honeymoon for friends and family.

Saturday July 15th

Added the drawing that Bryan did of Luther by a cliff, which was originally drawn for Walt Parrish's site, which is entitled the Cliff Guy. Also therefore updated image gallery ten, the image navigator page and text gallery four.

Also added a link into Walt's page on the links page.

Thursday July 6th 2000

Added Bryan's first ever computer drawn image, called Winds of Winter: it's a cover for an Italian comic out in September, and as you'd expect is pretty amazing... at least it put's my efforts in Photoshop to shame! Also updated image gallery ten, the text image navigator page and the page with a list of all images on the entire site.

Also check out the news page for some excellent (personal) news!

Wednesday June 21st 2000
Added the three sketches of Ax, Sage and Fiorina Bryan has drawn for Gwyneth Jones forthcoming book Bold As Love, and added them to Gallery 10, and also updated textgallery four and the image navigatgor page.

Saturday June 3rd 2000
Added a couple of links into the links page and generally tidied it up: also did some housekeeping on the whats new archives numbers two and three. I also updated the guided tour page, the Frequently Asked Questions and the homepage itself.

Friday June 2nd 2000
Added the Jimi Hendrix image into gallery ten - and also therefore updated the textgallery four, and the image navigator page.

Wednesday May 17th 2000

After far too long a break due to pressures of work I have added thumbnail gallery 10 to the site: this gallery has got a picture of Bryan, Victoria and me at Comics 2000, the G-Man picture, giant robots and dinosaurs, the Serpents Kiss, and an old 2000 ad cover featuring Thoth. This meant also updating the image navigator page, the gallery guide page and text gallery page four.

I also added the link to the bulletin board back to the first page of the site.

Thursday April 27th 2000
Finally recovered from Comics 2000 and found time to update Bryan's biography on the site.

Sunday April 16th 2000
Fixed a few broken links on the links page and updated the auction page massively.

Tuesday April 11th 2000
Updated Textgallery 4 and the image page navigator to reflect the additions to thumbnail gallery nine.

Monday April 10th 2000

Updated the auction page again, adding in new bids, and revising the availability of other pieces as Bryan confirms definitively whether they are available for the auction or not. Also updated the news page. (and also the "stop press" at the top of the homepage)

Also added thumbnail gallery nine, including Luther and Rose, A walk in the woods, Luther lights the flare, the end of the duel, Victoria as Britannia and Luther takes off: also updated the pregallery page and the image navigator page.

Friday March 24th 2000

Added another page into the favourite scenes gallery: the one from the Adventures of Luther Arkwright where Luther throws a molotov cocktail.....

This page is so good that I am putting it into the auction as well, because if no one else bids for it then I will make sure that I get it!

I have also updated the main auction page itself, and added some pages into the auction gallery 7 and also created another new gallery - auction gallery 8 - because number seven was getting too full. In all, the pages created in the two new galleries are: gallery 7: Luther flying, Page 206 of Heart of Empire, Luther begins to meditate, The start of the duel, The exorcism, So what is the purpose?, Black Tuesday starts, The Spear of Destiny...., Luthers descent, He sees... he sees a door, On the disruptor base, "Miranda was right", Luther, at one with nature, "Flowers that cannot bloom by day", Montpelier at Heliopolis, Luther at Marx's tomb., and gallery 8:Thundadoom!, Someone's buggering with unreality!, A streetcar named Delirium, "I wanna go home!", The Ziggurat of Cinnamon, "Kreeek"?!, Chester comes down, Barberini's walk, Victoria enters Dee's hideaway, Nemesis: the Garden of Alien delights, Nemesis Book 4, page 65, Nemesis Book 3, page 18, Nemesis Book 4, page 44, Nemesis book 4 page 45, Nemesis Book 4 page 64,

Also therefore updated the main gallery guide page, the image navigator page and also created another new text gallery page - number 4 in the series.

Tuesday March 21st 2000
Added a section on Chester P Hackenbush into the characters page.

Friday March 17th 2000

Added the page detailing what is going on in the auction of Bryan's artwork, and also therefore updated the news page.

Created a new thumbnail gallery - number seven - to contain the images that are requested as part of the auction, and also therefore updated the gallery guide page, textgallery three and the image navigator page.

Also updated this what's new page to be a lot smaller, showing only stuff done in 2000, and archived off older stuff: also therefore had to create a new what's new archive page for all pre 1999 additions to the site.

Sunday March 3rd 2000

I have been working so intensely on the Heart of Empire CD-Rom that I have not been able to update the site as much as I like...

Anyway, enough whinging and transparent attempts to get sympathy! I have now started to create one of the features that was requested over on the bulletin board, that of a guided tour around the site. Please let me know if there are any other pages on the site that you think should also be included in the tour.

Wednesday February 23rd 2000

Now, it's not often I add any adverts to the site: it's usually only allowable when users will get some tangible benefit... and to date that has only been applicable to the bulletin board.

However, I have now been able to add this new search feature which I hope will be of use. I have also added this onto the homepage of the site, and in the next major overhaul I shall place it on the navigation bar of every page.

Tuesday February 15th 2000
Added some new questions to the FAQ page.

Monday February 14th 2000
Added the answers to the questions submitted over at the bulletin board: this is an excellent page - IMHO - direct feedback to stuff that people wanted to ask Bryan! Thanks folks! Thanks Bryan!

Thursday February 10th 2000
Added Rob Brewers excellent guide to the parallels of the Arkwright Multiverse - thanks again Rob!

Sunday January 30th 2000
Bit of a spring cleaning day: I've mainly been adding cross-referenced links to the bottom of pages, pointing out content that is related to what's on each page: ... tidied up the Heart of Empire homepage, Text Gallery 2, the Articles homepage, the links page, the main Biography page. I also added a new image page into image gallery 6, which is the self portrait of Bryan, originally published by Popimage. Also therefore updated the image navigator page.

Tuesday January 25th 2000
Updated the News page and also added some more signing session details into the interviews and conventions page.

Monday January 24th 2000
At last! The long lost "For A Few Gallons More" is on the site! It is a very early crossover adventure featuring Luther Arkwright: check out the thumbnail gallery links in Thumbnail Gallery Six, or go straight to page one, page two, page three or page four, or take a look at the image page navigator.

Thursday January 6th 2000

Well, it's finally here: I still cannot believe that we're in a new millennium.... Anyway: I am going to blame the Christmas and New Year break for the unusually long break in updates...

I have added a whole load of stuff to make up for it: first of all there is new thumbnail gallery - number six - with two pages in it so far: that of some adverts that Bryan drew in the 70's featuring Chester P Hackenbush - check out number one and number two. This of course involved updating Textgallery 2, and the image page navigator as well.

I have also added a lot of stuff that Popimage had on their December '99 issue, and have since moved off their site: so I volunteered to give it a good home, and they kindly agreed: there is the review of Heart of Empire, the review of One Bad Rat, the review of Luther Arkwright, the script example of Heart of Empire 2, and the interview with Bryan. Of course, adding all of this necessitated updating the articles page, the Heart of Empire homepage, the interviews and conventions page, and the One Bad Rat homepage.


The design and content of this page and this entire website is copyright 1999, 2006 by James Robertson: all images are copyright 1999, 2006 by Bryan Talbot