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For a Few Gallons More: page 1



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Another realization of a long-held ambition for me: the posting on the site of the long lost legendary Luther Arkwright Adventure- "For a few gallons more"!! It has taken me forever to find a copy of this - and then a thoroughly decent chap from the bulletin board lends me a copy, and what's amazing is that he lives about 5 minutes away! Anyway, many thanks go to Rob Brewer for lending me his precious copy for scanning in, and here is is: enjoy!

This was published in Sideshow Comics, Issue 1, and was originally published in Moon Comix 2 in 1978. Ogoth and Ugly Boot featured in the "Ogoth the barbarian" strips written by Mick Farrer and drawn by Chris Welch, and appeared in Nasty Tales and Cosmic Comics. In chronology terms this adventure occurs just before the duel in Hyde Park...

Also, if you like online comics of Bryan's then there is another early appearance of Luther on the site in the wonderful Papist Affair.


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