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The Official Bryan Talbot fanpage / The Pregallery Page

The Bryan Talbot Gallery:
Thumbnail Gallery 7


This gallery has been created as a place to showcase the pages of original artwork that have been asked for in the auction of original art by Bryan.

This isn't to say that Bryan will be willing to auction all of these pages or that they are all still available, but if people are so in love with a page of Bryan's work that they want to buy the original art then the least I can do is create this gallery to showcase it so we can all appreciate it and see what everyone is talking about.

Since creating this gallery the number of images requested by fans in the auction has grown massively, so I created a second auction image gallery to showcase it all in.

Luther flying....

This is Luther telekinetically propelling himself from the Cathedral across the street to where the Puritan Cabinet are meeting in order to assassinate them. All of them.


Page 236 of Heart of Empire

I am bidding for this page myself, mainly because of the first two panels where I am haranguing the crowd in my capacity of Leveller Committee Member!

Luther begins to meditate

Luther starts to absorb psionic energy from the Multiverse in a meditation session...

The start of the duel

The start of the duel where Luther first finds out where Firefrost is hidden.


Luther "exorcises" the demons from Mad Murdoch - in reality draining off the psionic energy that Murdoch unconsciously taps and cannot control....

So what is the purpose?

This page was only in the Dark Horse editions of the Adventures of Luther Arkwright: it was not in the Valkyrie Press edition, nor the infamous Proutt exploding one.... Bryan added it to get the page number even.

If you look closely at the window top left you can see Bryan himself working at his drawing board....

Luther: "Don't mess with ME!"

Luther being very cool in the face of the Puritan attack and causing maximum mayhem with just one well placed shot...

"The spear of destiny pierces his side..."

Luther just on the point of dying, the Spear of Destiny piercing his side....

Luther's descent

Luther completes the violent descent into his own subconscious....

Also see the next page: Luther's ascent....

"He sees... he sees a door"

Luther struggles to refine and narrow his range of input to something he can work with... after removing the filters of perception that we are all born with he has to create a new working map of reality in order to be able to interact with it...

On the Disruptor base

Luther takes cover in the Disruptors base as the Rooks leave through the trans parallel gateway.

Luther throws his vibrobeamer into the sea

His adventures done, he casts aside his weapon and forswears violence...

"Miranda was right...."

Luther's walk in the woods

After resurrecting himself, Luther walks through the woods, totally at one with nature...

"Flowers that cannot bloom by day..."

Luther searches for Harry in the Shoreditch Tavern, whilst a certain Mr Michael Jagger Esquire plays a ballad

Montpelier at Heliopolis

The archaeologist JR Montpelier finds Firefrost....

Luther, tarot cards, and Karl Marx

Luther drops a tarot card in front of Karl Marx's tomb, and it seems to flutter away into infinity....



The design and content of this page and this entire website is copyright 1999, 2006 by James Robertson: all images are copyright 1999, 2006 by Bryan Talbot