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The Official Bryan Talbot fanpage / The Pregallery Page

The Bryan Talbot Gallery:
Thumbnail Gallery 8


This gallery has been created as a place to showcase the pages of original artwork that have been asked for in the auction of original art by Bryan.

This isn't to say that Bryan will be willing to auction all of these pages or that they are all still available, but if people are so in love with a page of Bryan's work that they want to buy the original art then the least I can do is create this gallery to showcase it so we can all appreciate it and see what everyone is talking about.

I created this second gallery because the first auction art gallery was getting too big.


Chester P Hackenbush, the Psychedelic Alchemist appreaches the villains stronghold.

"Someone's buggering with unreality!"

Another page from Chester P Hackenbush, with the immortal line:"Affirmative! Somone's buggering with unreality!"

A streetcar named Delirium

The streetcar makes it's first appearance

"I wanna go home!"

Well, wouldn't you, when faced with this?!

The Ziggurat of Cinnamon

... which ain't too bad, if you like cinnamon!



The sound of the villains coffin opening....

Chester comes down...

And needs to do a quick check to see if this really is reality...

Heart of Empire: Barberini's walk

Barberini's walk through Rome, on the way to the Vatican and the dying Pope.

Victoria entering Dee's hideaway

"God, Dee, what an earwigs nest!"

Nemesis the Warlock: The Garden of Alien Delights

This is one of the innovative "Diceman" comics that 2000ad did, which was a roleplaying game in comics format where you got to play out the actions of the 2000ad caracters: in this one you got to play Torquemada in an environment heavily influenced by Bosch...

Nemesis the Warlock: Book 4, page 65

Nemesis and the ABC Warriors do what they do best...

Nemesis the Warlock: Book 3, page 18

A classic Nemesis front page.

Nemesis the Warlock: Book 4, page 44

Alien superfiends and Tyrannosaurs?!

Nemesis the Warlock:Book 4, page 45

"Destroy the evil beast!"

Nemesis the Warlock: Book 4, page 64

A superb full page spread of Nemesis and the ABC Warriors.



The design and content of this page and this entire website is copyright 1999, 2006 by James Robertson: all images are copyright 1999, 2006 by Bryan Talbot