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The Official Bryan Talbot fanpage / Articles

The interviews and conventions report homepage


This page has been created in order to ensure that there is a homepage within the Interviews and Conventions section, and to serve as a guide to all of the interviews with Bryan that are on the site and for all of the convention reports that Bryan sends in.

At the moment there are three convention reports: the Belo Horizante convention in Brazil, the Kemi festival in Finland, and the Novegro Fumetto convention in Milan. Just added is a write up of Bryan's recent tour of Italy and the launch party for Heart of Empire in Italian.

If you have been to a convention and met Bryan and want to let all of us other fans know about it then let me know and I will create a page so that you can share your experience with the rest of the world.... - potentially that is...! I will start the ball rolling by linking into my own report on the first time that I met Bryan.


Alberto Conte interviewed Bryan recently at an Italian convention.

Off site interviews with Bryan:
- Sidra Roberts of Collectors times interviews Bryan
- John Anderson of Mars Imports interviews Bryan.
- Dara Naraghi talks to Bryan about the "Mad Fan" incident!
- Jennifer M Contino interviews Bryan about his work on Fables.
- Richard Johnston interviews Bryan: added on September 9th 2003.
- Komix World interview: added on September 15th 2003.
- An interview with Bryan on an academic website with a special interest in the works of William Blake.
- Stephen Holland from Page 45 in Nottingham interviews Bryan about Alice in Sunderland
- the first ever Alice in Sunderland interview at Panel to Panel.
- Nicola Peruzzi interviews Bryan; "Different ways to tell different stories".
- Paul Gravet interviews Bryan with news on his latest projects.
- Bryan gave an interview to SteamPunk magazine: Bryan Talbot on Bastable, Brass Goggles and badgers,
- an end-of-year interview with Joe Gordon of Forbidden Planet.
- Creating an anthropomorphic thriller in that ol' steampunk style: an interview over at Comics Bulletin
- The Grandville Tour: talking to Bryan Talbot: an interview at Newsarama

Bryan Talbot: the best kept secret in comics: an interview with Bryan, that was originally published at Popimage, but since they keep their site so up to date they change content constantly: so I offered the interview a new home here and they kindly agreed.
Michael Gillman from Dark Horse interviews Bryan about One Bad Rat.
An Italian fan named Lorenzo conducted an interview with Bryan via email.
The Boston Phoenix did an excellent interview with Bryan also on One Bad Rat.
Slipping through the parallels with Bryan Talbot, by Brad Cook; this is an amazing interview in which Hiram Kowolsky - one of Bryan's characters from Arkwright and Heart of Empire - gets to meet and interview Bryan!
Joel Meadows from Tripwire Magazine kindly allowed me to republish on the site his interview with Bryan.


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