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Bryan's Italian tour!


Bryan signing Italian copies of Heart of Empire

Bryan has just returned from a 10 day tour of Italy to promote Comma 22's Italian edition of the book. They are releasing it in 2 volumes. #2 is due in May. Bryan did signings at "Comics & Dintorni" in Florence, "Babylon" in Forlì, at "Borsa del Fumetto" in Milan and also at the "Cartoomics" convention there.

He also did lectures, including at Bologna University and the Comics Art School in Florence but also found the time to do lots of sightseeing, Italy being one of his favourite places.
The official launch for the book was a special invite-only dinner in the ANTICA TRATTORIA FANTONI restaurant in Bologna for around 80 people with several comic pros in attendance.

The Thai rice with gold leaf dish!

The menu was specially dedicated to HEART OF EMPIRE ("CUORE DELL'IMPERIO"). Check it out!
The owner of the restaurant is a comics fan and already had a drawing by Bryan of Helen from THE TALE OF ONE BAD RAT framed on the wall, along with drawings by Vittorio Giordino and others. Bryan also managed to hook up with top WILDSTORM artist Jim Lee, who's currently living in Italy, for dinner a few days later.




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