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Yes: the CD that Bryan and myself created that offers an immense richness of extra information about Heart of Empire is now available for sale directly from this site: for more see the Heart of Empire Directors Cut page in the Bryan Talbot Emporium.

Welcome to the Official Bryan Talbot fanpage.

This site tries to be the definitive place in any medium for all information about Bryan Talbot and his work,
including pictures, biographies, stripographies, news and more: for those new to Bryan's work then there is a guided tour of the site. We even have a well stocked emporium of Bryan Talbot related items for sale: particularly the Heart of Empire Directors Cut , co-authored by Bryan and myself, and a whole load of original artwork by Bryan Talbot.. And because there are no middle-men to keep happy, prices are lower and a larger slice of all profits goes directly to the creator. Also see Bryan Talbot's advice to anyone starting out in the comics industry.

Bryan Talbot is a storyteller who works in the comics medium, and he is the creator of Heart of Empire, the Adventures of Luther Arkwright, The Tale of One Bad Rat, and many more: if you have heard of any of these comics or you are simply a fan of excellent storytelling in the comics medium with excellent artwork as well then pause for a moment and look 'round... - I hope you won't be disappointed.

Every page has got a link to the major sections, so click away and enjoy.

If there are any problems or queries with the site or any feedback at all, please let me know - I genuinely want to know how to make this site better for anyone else out there who is also a fan of Bryan's work.

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This website is dedicated to the work of Bryan Talbot, the best artist and author working in the comics medium ever - in my humble opinion of course! It is here as an information resource on Bryan's work, past and present, and even future, as we will always have news of what Bryan is doing at the moment and what his plans are next. This is because the site is run with approval from Bryan, and he will always try and give me sneak previews, in terms of both text and graphics, of what he is currently working on. I always try and make the site as up to date as possible, but if there is anything at all you'd like to comment on, or to request, then please email me - I promise I won't bite!

The reason that I created this site is because I became entranced by Bryan's work a long time ago - even before the Net happened - and I could find no more information about him and his work anywhere. Then, when I first got online, the first search I ever ran was at Yahoo on "Bryan Talbot" - and still nothing came up. So, I took it upon myself to create what I wanted, and this site is the result. I try and make this the single most definitive repository for information on Bryan Talbot and his work, in any medium anywhere... and I suppose it is up to you out there as to whether or not I have succeeded in this aim. This site is an absolute labour of love: I run it because I want to tell as many people in the world just how good Bryan's work is - and also what a genuinely nice bloke he is - and the site is not here to make money - check out the policy page for my views on this.

So, please come on in and look round, and please also take a look at Bryan Talbot's work next time you're in a comics shop... I promise you that you'll be impressed!

All the best,