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The Official Bryan Talbot fanpage / The Pregallery Page

Favourite scenes from Bryan's work

  This thumbnail gallery contains links to pages of some of my favourite scenes from Bryans work over the years. This is partly because these scenes are mentioned in other places around the site, and so I thought it would be a good idea to actually place them on the net, so that people could see what I meant when I mentioned the famous "skull" panel in the Adventures of Luther Arkwright, and also because it's my website and these are my favourite scenes!

The "skull" panel

This panel illustrates a lot of what I love about Bryan's work - especially the amazing care and detail that he devotes to every single panel of his work, and also how it repays to revisit his stuff. I had read Arkwright about 15 times before I realised that the characters in this panel actually formed the shape of a skull.

The Meaning of Life...

This scene has always appealed to the atheist in me... the brutal honesty of Arkwright followed by the unconscious humour of Fairfax - who is also unwittingly proving what Luther has just said... ah, the sublimeness of it all!

The first page...

This is it... this is what started the whole thing for me... when I first saw this I was hooked.

Putting this, the very first page of the Adventures of Luther Arkwright up on the site, fulfills another long term ambition of mine....

The Signing of the Treaty

Yet another of Bryan's images which makes me wish I wasn't limited by bandwidth speeds... the signing of the Treaty of St Petersburg.

Just look at the detail and love that has gone into this - which is after all simply a single panel from a comic strip

I have seen entire comics that have had less care and attention lavished on them than this single image.

"How did you know I was cheating... I mean I'm not..."

This is the first time that Luther meets Harry Fairfax, his contact in the London Royalist underground...

How th' fuck did you did y'throw that Pankhurst cocktail so far?

This scene illustrates so much about how good Bryan's stuff is that I hardly know where to start... well, the art is superlative as always, then there is the hysterical humour of Arkwright ("clean living" indeed!), and the subtle hint that Fairfax knows something is unusual about Arkwright in how far the Molotov got thrown, showing his own intuition, and finally there is the wonderful touch of how things are different on this parallel with what we call Molotov cocktails getting called Pankhurts's instead.

All this from one page of the comic!


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