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The Official Bryan Talbot fanpage / The Pregallery Page

The Bryan Talbot Gallery:
Thumbnail Gallery 5


Chester P Hackenbush, the brand of beer?!

Bryan spotted this and sent it to me: it is Chester P Hackenbush, the Pschedelic Alchemist acting as the brand for a make of beer! I kid you not!

Luther in Redfox

This is an example of how the innimitable Mr Arkwright gets around the known - and unknown - multiverse....


Here he is sitting in a pub when that wonderfully petite barbarian Redfox walks in... and he also seems to be talking to a certain well - known author who in our dimension goes by the name of Neil Gaiman....

Barrow Ghoul

Bryan's contribution to the world of gaming cards starts here with his depiction of a Barrow Ghoul.


Bryan's second trading card, entitled "Tolarian"


The third card in the series of trading cards drawn by Bryan, this one being the Necratog.

Mana Chains

Bryan's fourth card in the Wizards of the Coast series, this one entitled "Mana Chains"

Straw Golem

The fifth in the trading card series, the Straw Golem.

Bryan's version of Morpheus

This is what Bryan imagined when asked to draw a picture of Morpheus by Neil Gaiman,

And I know I will only get in trouble if I say things like "better than the original...." so I will refrain.....



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