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The Official Bryan Talbot fanpage / The Bryan Talbot Gallery Guide

The Bryan Talbot Gallery 3:
the One Bad Rat cover gallery


These are all of the covers of The Tale of One Bad Rat, Dark Horse Comics edition 1995.

This book is available to buy over at

Bryan's preliminary rat sketch

This is a preliminary sketch that Bryan did of a dead rat, published in the afterword of One Bad Rat. It shows - at least to me - the amazing amount of care and love that Bryan lavishes on his work: I mean can you imagine any other comic book artist doing this much work on what is basically a preparatory sketch?

Bryan's self portrait

Bryan's self portrait from One Bad Rat

One Bad Rat poster - in Spanish

This is a poster advertising the imminent release of One Bad Rat in Spain, sent to me by a Spanish fan of Bryan's. (Thanks Jordi!)

The text says: "A cruel but efficient denunciation of child abuse... An exceptional book by an exceptional author, Bryan Talbot."

Book One

Helen as she is when she first arrives in London.


Book Two

Dodging the rozzers!

Book Three

Helen and her rat in the Lake District.

Book Four



See also the Lake District thumbnail gallery, with pictures from the One Bad Rat comic and real world photos of the locations that Bryan used in the comic.


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