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The Official Bryan Talbot fanpage

The Quotes page: what other people
have said about Bryans work


This page is dedicated to what other people have said about Bryan's work - and they are generally famous people who have themselves been deeply moved by what Bryan has created.

Small quotes will be directly on this page, but other, longer pieces of text will have their own pages.

This page is laid out with the originator of the quote first - so have a quick look and see if there is anyone's name here that you recognise.

Warren Ellis


Q: A strange end. Right now, alien spaceships appear from nowhere obscuring the sky of your town. There is no time, you have to run and leave your home. Can take with you only 3 comics, 3 music CDs, 3 movies, 3 novels. Which ones, and why, are you going to save from destruction?

A: FROM HELL [by Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell], THE ADVENTURES OF LUTHER ARKWRIGHT [by Brian Talbot], ALEC: THE KING CANUTE CROWD [by Eddie Campbell]. The latter two are huge influences, the former is Alan's masterpiece...

[see the original interview in full at the Ultrazone site]


Alan Moore


"A work ambitious in scope and complexity that still stands unique upon the comics landscape ... stunning"

- and -

"Bryan Talbot's Luther Arkwright, in both content and technique has always been a good decade ahead of its time. Today in a marketplace that has finally caught up, it should find the audience it so richly deserves."

[referring to the Adventures of Luther Arkwright]

- and -

"an ingenious, intertextual narrative that interweaves the charming, whimsical, and above all, the English vision of Beatrix Potter with a vision of England as it has become; the soft juxtaposed with the savage; Peter Rabbit lost in cardboard city. Thouroughly excellent."

[referring to the Tale of One Bad Rat]

See also Alan Moore's introduction to the second book of the Adventures of Luther Arkwright, and also Bryan's tribute portrait of Alan.


Michael Moorcock


"Here is something far more original and idiosyncratic than anyone has attempted before ... an alternative history of modern times. And of course, because Talbot uses a popular form to do this it is also a very good, romantic, inventive, fast-paced yarn"

- and -

"Bryan Talbot's stuff appeals to me a lot - both the drawing and the text. It's all nicely organised. Good classical music to me. Not many people do this technique and Talbot does it better than most. It's stimulating and fresh and better than most comic stuff done either here, France or America."

[referring to the Adventures of Luther Arkwright]

See also: Michael Moorcocks introduction to the Dark Horse edition of the Adventures of Arkwright


Garth Ennis

  "From riveting action scenes to beautiful silent sequences, from studies in hateful obsession to humour both ribald and gentle ... surely one of the all-time great epics of the medium. This long-overdue collection proves both Bryan Talbot's mastery of his craft and his understanding of what makes a truly great comic book: an intriguing story, characters with genuine resonance, and illustrative excellence in perfect balance with clear and precise storytelling."

Harlan Ellison

  "I read Luther Arkwright and I love it a lot."

Jack Kirby

  "I love the illustrative style. Talent is profoundly international and Luther Arkwright should sell on a universal scale. I get a great joy out of it."

Iain Banks

  "It is wonderful; fascinating story, virtuoso artwork. Heartfelt congratulations on a superb piece of work."

Pat Mills

  "The stunning amount of work and commitment that goes into "The Adventures of Luther Arkwright" makes me weak at the knees. It's phenomenal.

Dave Gibbons

  "A mind-boggling Victorian fever dream - a real tour de force."

Ramsay Campbell

  "Brilliantly conceived and realised, lovingly detailed, unfailingly imaginative and yet all too timely, these are books in the great tradition of British fantasy."

Tom Veitch


Who is Bryan Talbot?

[Actually an article written for the American audience, introducing them to Bryan's work]


Will Eisner


"Arkwright is very imaginative and exploratory and is really pushing back the boundaries of the comic media."


Neil Gaiman


"... a lovingly crafted story about, in the end, the meaning and value of fiction and art, about what we take from the past, and what we bring to the future... A story of strength and pain and survival."

[referring to the Tale of One Bad Rat]


Andrew Vachss (author of Down in the Zero)

  "There are many ways to fight child abuse and incest. The important thing is not how you do it, but that you do it, and the Tale of One Bad Rat does it."

Judy Taylor, author of "Beatrix Potter, Artist, Storyteller and Countrywoman", and Chair of the Beatrix Potter Society.

  "... how strongly the storyline comes through with so few words! I can see that The Tale of One Bad Rat has certainly been a labour of love."

Stan Lee


I got a kick out of it and turned it over to the bullpen so they could bask in the radiance of its magnificance - just as I did.

[referring to the Chester Hackenbush trilogy]

Also check out the articles page, where everything text based about Bryan and his work is based, and the interviews page where all interviews on the site are linked into.


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