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The Official Bryan Talbot fanpage

What's new on the Bryan Talbot fanpage


I cannot quite believe this - but 2008 is the twelfth year that I have been running this site! It's still an honour and privilege to be considered as the Official Bryan Talbot fanpage you know.

I have also found the newsgroup posting through Google that showed when I launched the site - in 1996! (by the way - that's an old address for the site in the posting that no longer works, - neither does that email address.)

As has become traditional here on the Bryan Talbot fanpage, I have created a new "what's new" page for the New Year of 2008. All of the old what's new pages are still online, as I hate to ever delete content, and I always think they give people a fun non-linear way to browse through the site.

So - you can check out what was new in 2007, what was new in 2006, what was new in 2005, what was new in 2004, what was new in 2003, what was new in 2002, what was new in 2001, what was new in 2000, what was new in 1999, and what was new up to 1998.

Monday December 15th 2008

Updated the news page with some links to interviews with Bryan and also updated the Grandville homepage as one of the interviews was specific to that comic and genre. Also updated the interviews homepage!

Monday November 24th
Updated the news page with some links to some blog posts that review one of the talks that Bryan gave recently.

Thursday November 13th 2008
Created a Facebook group for Bryan Talbot fans!

Wednesday September 17th 2008
Added some more pages to the new Grandville homepage; check out the previews of Grandville page 3 and Grandville page 11.

Tuesday August 19th 2008

Just got my gleeful paws on some more Grandville pages! - check out the brand-new, hot-of-the-press goodness that is Grandville page page 41 and Grandville page 53!

Is anyone else getting that little burst of adrenaline at the thought of a brand new comic from Bryan?!

Also let me know what you think about the new style of previewing the thumbnail images I have adopted on the Grandville homepage (and all of the other pages in the Grandville preview section) - I think it's much better than the previous style, but then I would say that wouldn't I?! - the important thing is whether you lot all think it is an improvement or not..

Tuesday August 12th 2008
Bryan kindly sent some more preview pages from the forthcoming Grandville graphic novel - and so I added them: check out Grandville page 31 and Grandville page 37. Of course - this also meant I had to update the Grandville homepage, but that's what I am here for!

Sunday August 3rd 2008
Added a link to the news page where you can read the book Comic Books Legends for free online!

Thursday July 24th 2008
Added a link into the interviews page to an off-site interview with Bryan by the Don't Panic site.

Thursday July 17th 2008
I added the pages on the history of British comics that Bryan drew for the Guardian newspaper recently into gallery 19; see page 1, pages 2 and 3, or the cover. (also therefore updated the text gallery guide and the image directory page)

Wednesday July 16th 2008
Finally got round to implementing a special offer I have been thinking about for some time; reducing the price of the Heart of Empire CD-Rom from £15 to £12 and also throwing in one of the many copies of the old Crystal Palace Exhibition fanzines I have got.

Tuesday July 15th 2008
Finally uploaded some very high resolution versions of the classic Cannabis Conspiracy.

Tuesday July 8th 2008
Added news of the publication of the new UK edition of the Tale of One Bad Rat to the news page.

Sunday June 8th 2008
Added news of Bryan's attendance at the Dundee literary festival to the news page.

Sunday June 1st 2008
Bryan sent through more preview pages from the upcoming Grandville graphic novel; so - I added Grandville page 3, Grandville page 11 and Grandville page 31 to the Grandville homepage - and also of course updated the image navigator page, and text gallery 6.

Sunday May 25th 2008

Bryan has given the go-ahead to announce his next graphic novel! - Grandville! Grandville is an anthropomorphic steampunk detective-thriller. The protagonist is Detective-Inspector LeBrock of Scotland Yard.

I created the Grandville homepage and also added the image to thumbnail gallery 19; I also updated the image navigator page as well as text gallery 6.

Sunday May 18 2008
Updated and tidied up the news page and the links page.

Monday May 5th 2008
Updated the news page with some info on Bryan's upcoming appearances and signing sessions, and also a link to a podcast interview on Cherubs.

Wednesday April 23rd 2008
Added the review of Alice from the Comics Worth Reading site to the Alice in Sunderland reviews page.

Friday April 19th 2008
Added news on Bryan's upcoming personal appearances to the news page.

Saturday April 12th 2008

I tidied up the pre-gallery page; this is the main page you go to to get to all of the galleries on the site and so is quite important; thing is - I often update the contents of the page when I add a new gallery, but rarely look at the text at the top of the page; so - I sorted this out.

I also realised that on the pre-gallery page there was no explicit listing of the Cannabis Conspiracy, so I added it. This page has long been listed in the strip listing page, so I have no idea why it wasn't on the gallery homepage!

Friday April 11th 2008
Quick update to the news page with info on Bryan's successes at the Comicdom event in Athens.

Sunday March 29th 2008
Added a link to the Boing-Boing review of Alice in Sunderland to the Alice in Sunderland reviews page.

Sunday March 22nd 2008
Added a link to Caroline Callaghan's excellent article on Bryan and his work on the main articles page.

Friday March 20th 2008
Updated the news page with news that Bryan will be at the Hexham Book Festival on May 3rd this year.

Wednesday March 19th 2008
Updated the Heart of Empire homepage and consolidated the various reviews of Heart of Empire into one place - and added a link to the recent Miami Herald review of the Heart of Empire CD-Rom.

Wednesday March 12th 2008
Added a link in the Alice in Sunderland reviews page to the Sci Fi channels review of Alice.

Saturday February 23rd 2008
Just added the news that Bryan has been nominated for two Eagle Awards! - check out the news page and vote now for Bryan! Also updated the Alice in Sunderland reviews page with some videos on You Tube of Bryan at various signings - and an excellent video review of Alice.

Friday January 25th 2008
Updated the news page with some interesting snippets.

Monday January 7th 2008
Updated the news page with links to some of the reviews of the Heart of Empire CD-Rom first chapter online for free; some nice people have been saying some really good stuff! Also added a link to a really excellent interview with Bryan by Paul Gravett - and also added a link to this interview to the interviews page.

Wednesday January 2nd 2008

As is traditional I have archived off the old what's new page - see the list above. It feels great to still be working on Bryan's website after 12 years!

Anyway; I have been adding a few links to the Heart of Empire CD-Rom first chapter and I also added a couple of snippets onto the news page.

The design and content of this page and this entire website is copyright 1999, 2006 by James Robertson: all images are copyright 1999, 2006 by Bryan Talbot