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The Official Bryan Talbot fanpage

What's new on the Bryan Talbot fanpage


As has become traditional here on the Bryan Talbot fanpage, I have created a new "what's new" page for the New Year of 2005. All of the old what's new pages are still online, as I hate to ever delete content, and I always think they give people a fun non-linear way to browse through the site.

So - you can check out what was new in 2004, what was new in 2003, what was new in 2002, what was new in 2001, what was new in 2000, what was new in 1999, and what was new up to 1998.

Of course - this now means that I have been running this site for NINE YEARS!! The mind just boggles! I have also found the newsgroup posting through Google that showed when I launched the site - in 1996! (by the way - that's an old address for the site in the posting that no longer works, - neither does that email address.)

Anyway - it remains an honour and privilege to help spread the word about Bryan's work, and so, presented below for your browsing pleasure is what's new on the site: Enjoy!

Sunday December 18th 2005

Added to the news page info about the new Czech edition of The Adventures of Luther Arkwright. According to Bryan it is the best ever done! - due to the labour of love of the Czech publisher who re-scanned and remastered every single page!

Of course - I had to add an image of the cover of the new Czech edition into gallery 18 - and also updated the text gallery and the image guide page.

October 27th 2005
Well - I have finally given in and started up a blog... It's not totally related to Bryan and hiswork (to say the least!): check it out at the Peoples Democratic Republic of Birmingham blog!

Tuesday September 27th 2005
Added a new image to gallery 18 - Bryan's recent charity sketch of Luther Arkwright. Also updated the image guide page and text gallery 6.

Wednesday September 7th 2005
Updated the news page and also the Alice in Sunderland homepage.

Tuesday June 28th 2005
Added an image of Nemi that Bryan drew as a frontispiece into Gallery 18: also updated the image guide page and the text gallery page number 6.

Monday June 13th 2005
Added another page preview into the Alice in Sunderland section: this time it is page 192: also update the image guide page that lists every image on the site as well as the text gallery number 6.

Friday June 10th 2005
Added a new page to the Alice in Sunderland homepage: this time it is a free preview of page 187. I also updated the Bryan Talbot image guide page, and text gallery page 6.

Tuesday May 17th 2005
Added a couple of snippets to the news page.

Thursday May 5th 2005
Sorry for a longer break from updating the site than I like - but we have just moved house and office premises: to say it has been stressful would be an understatement!! Anyway: there is a new page added to the Alice in Sunderland main page - and it is page 175 of Alice in Sunderland. I also therefore updated the image guide page and the text gallery. I also added some news to the news page about an interview with Bryan on the BBC website! I also added a new interview with Bryan into the interview section of the site.

Friday March 18th 2005
Added two new pages to the Alice in Sunderland main page - previews of page 69 and page 148. Also therefore updated textgallery 6 and the image guide page.

Tuesday March 8th 2005
Added lots of new events and announcements to the news page.

Monday February 7th 2005
Bryan pointed out that there a lot of Gwyneth Jones images around the site and that it would be good if they were all cross-linked to each other: so I updated the Bold as Love frontispiece in gallery 11, the Castles Made of Sand frontispiece in gallery 13, the Midnight Lamp frontispiece in gallery 16 as well as the new Band of Gypsys frontispiece in gallery 18. Then I found three character sketches Bryan had done of the three main characters - so I also updated the images of Ax, Sage and Fiorina in gallery 10.

Sunday February 6th 2005
Updated gallery 18 with a new image from Bryan - the frontispiece to Gwyneth Jones' new book, Band of Gyspsys. Also updated the gallery 18 homepage, the text gallery page 6 and the image navigator page . Also updated the news page with news about Bryan and myself going to the comic expo in Bristol this year.

Monday January 10th 2005
Updated the main Alice in Sunderland page with a new preview page - page 134. Also updated the image navigator page, and text gallery 6.

Thursday January 6th 2005
Updated the homepage and the news page with news about the Luther Arkwright audio CD as well as the high-res version of the cover art in gallery 18: also created this new "what's new" page as this is now the ninth year I've run the site!


The design and content of this page and this entire website is copyright 1999, 2006 by James Robertson: all images are copyright 1999, 2006 by Bryan Talbot