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The Official Bryan Talbot fanpage

What's new on the Bryan Talbot fanpage


As has become traditional here on the Bryan Talbot fanpage, I have created a new "what's new" page for the New Year of 2004. All of the old what's new pages are still online, as I hate to ever delete content, and I always think they give people a fun non-linear way to browse through the site.

So - you can check out what was new in 2003, what was new in 2002, what was new in 2001, what was new in 2000, what was new in 1999, and what was new up to 1998.

Of course - this now means that I have been running this site for eight years! The mind just boggles! I have also found the newsgroup posting through Google that showed when I launched the site - in 1996! (by the way - that's an old address for the site in the posting that no longer works, - neither does that email address.)

Anyway - it remains an honour and privilege to help spread the word about Bryan's work, and so, presented below for your browsing pleasure is what's new on the site: Enjoy!

Latest news about Alice in Sunderland: Bryan tells me that the tentative, but not definite, release date for the first issue of Words and Pictures wherein it'll be serialised is this winter. The book itself, though, it something over a year away.

Monday December 20th 2004
Updated the Alice in Sunderland page with some news on the progress of Alice.

Friday December 10th 2004
Added two new pages into the fan art gallery - Lisboa page one and page two - Argentinean cartoonist Ricardo Liniers' comic journal of his European tour covering his time in Lisbon during the recent Amadora festival, featuring cameo appearances of Bryan: see page one and page two. Also updated the text gallery 5, and the image gallery guide page.

Monday November 22nd 2004
Added a new gallery to the site - gallery 18! - also therefore updated the two pages inside it - Cute Death and the Audio Drama CD cover - and updated the text gallery page, the pregallery page and the image navigator page. Also updated Bryan's advice to people entering the comics creation field.

Monday October 18th 2004
Added a rumour about the forthcoming Luther Arkwright movie to the news page...

Wednesday October 6th 2004
Yet another Wednesday update... what is going on here?! Anyway: added another new pic to the site in thumbnail gallery 17 - an image of Neil Gaiman's Sandman that Bryan drew recently for charity. Also updated the image guide page, and textgallery 6.

Wednesday September 29th 2004
Why is it that I am always updating the site on a Wednesday at the moment?! The last 4 updates have all been on a Wednesday! Anyway - I added a new page to the Alice in Sunderland pages today: page 5 of the Lambton Worm legend retelling: I also updated text gallery 6 and the image gallery guide page.

Wednesday September 15th 2004
Added a new image into Gallery 17 - the cover of the forthcoming Rosen book on Bryan - also therefore updated the news page, the image guide page and text gallery 6.

Wednesday September 8th 2004
On a personal note I am proud to announce the arrival of a new Talbot fan! Kai Luther Frater-Robertson was born Wednesday September 8th, and weighed in at 7 lbs 2 oz; mum and baby are both doing well, and before anyone asks, the Luther in the name os for Martin Luther King, and not a certain alternative-traveling white haired Homo Novus.... honest... well, OK then - it is for both Martin Luther King and Luther Arkwright!

Wednesday August 25th 2004
Still no sign of the baby! I will post pictures here within 24 hours of the birth, so everyone can see the new arrival! - but - back to the serious business of the site, plugging Bryan and his work! I added a ton of stuff to the Alice in Sunderland section today: - the immortal, incredible story of Jabberwocky as realised by Bryan! - see page one, page two and page three in mid sized versions, and page one, page two and page three in extremely large, but definitely worth the wait versions. Also updated the text gallery and the image guide page.

Wednesday August 10th 2004
A much longer break from updating the site than is usually the case - and all I can say in my defence is real life has intruded in the form of my wife Vanessa expecting our first baby! I will post images on the site as soon as he or she is born - and the due date is August 23rd. Meanwhile, check out the news page for info on a new book - True Brit - that has an entire chapter dedicated to Bryan, and see a new image- The Performer by Jordan Smith - that is a promotional image for Alice in Sunderland in gallery 17.

Thursday June 10th 2004
Updated the news page with info about Bryan's forthcoming free talk in Wythenshawe library in Manchester.

Monday June 7th 2004
Updated the news page with some extra tidbits.

Monday May 10th 2004
Far too long between updates - sorry about that - real life keeps getting in the way! Anyway: I updated gallery 17 with Bryan's picture of Rupert the Bear for this years Bristol Comics Convention charity deck of cards - where the original will be auctioned by the way - and also updated the links page and the Heart of Empire Italian launch page.

Monday March 29th 2004
What's new at the moment is that Bryan has just got a digital camera (that's even better than mine!) and has been taking pictures like mad: Bryan is also fresh back from a tour of Italy to launch Heart of Empire there, and sent me an excellent write up for the site.

Wednesday March 24th 2004
We're off to the Alicante Comics Festival tomorrow with Bryan - so look out for some photos and a write up: also, added today some news to the news page.

Monday March 8th 2004
Added a lot of dates to this years convention diary in the news page, and also added news of Luther's forthcoming debut into the world of audio adventures!

Wednesday February 18th 2004
I updated the news page with a lot of info on the conventions that Bryan will be going to this year, together with an image of the cover of the forthcoming Luther Arkwright roleplaying game. Since I have such a mania for cross-referencing stuff, this also meant that I updated the existing Arkwright RPG pages - the small and large versions - and also the gallery 17 homepage.

Friday February 13th 2004
Added Bryan's new and old logos for the Underground Station comic review column by Bruce Sweeney, and also therefore updated thumbnail gallery seventeen, the image guide page and text gallery 6. Also tidied up a few things in the Official Online Bryan Talbot Emporium!

Wednesday January 28th 2004
I have finally got round to creating a board that we own and run completely! - check out the all new official Bryan Talbot bulletin board!

Monday January 26th 2004
Quick update to the news page about Bryan and me going to the annual Bristol comics convention again!

Saturday January 10th 2004
Updated the Alice in Sunderland homepage with two more exclusive picture released here on the fanpage first - page 45 and page 48 of Alice in Sunderland. Also therefore updated the image guide page (which is a definitive guide to every image of Bryan's on the site with a simple link to each page - no thumbnails, no text - designed for people who want to browse through every picture on the site as quickly as possible) - and also updated text gallery 6 (the text galleries are a way to see the images on the site that have a brief text description but no thumbnail image - again for speedy download) That means that the thumbnail galleries are the slowest but most detailed way to view the images on the site: the full list of galleries is in the gallery guide page.

Tuesday January 6th 2004
Created the Alice in Sunderland homepage, and generally consolidated all of the information on Alice in Sunderland: also created this new what's new page, and moved 2003's what's new page off to one side. Also updated the news page with info about Bryan's work touring in an exhibition with the creator of the Beano.


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