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The Official Bryan Talbot fanpage / Articles

Strips of Bryan's on the site


This page was Bryan's idea - listing in one place all of the strips that are on the site.

Memento: a complete online strip, done in a "silent" style - with no speech bubbles used at all, with all of the story carried by the action. Originally commissioned by that fine purveyor of quality science fiction and fantasy comics: 2000ad. Since there's 76 separate panels, the link at the start of this paragraph goes to the homepage for the strip where you can go to any of the panels: alternatively, jump right in to panel one and read through the entire strip.
An honest answer: written by Neil Gaiman, and drawn by Bryan, this strip attempts to answer the question always asked of creative people - "where do you get you ideas from" in a not entirely serious fashion...
The Papist Affair: placing this strip on the site fulfilled one of my own long-held ambitions as it represents the first ever appearance of Luther Arkwright in print. It's a six page strip: - go to the homepage for the entire strip or leap straight into page one.
Evolution: a two page comic strip on the subject of "evolution" that Bryan wrote and drew for an Eastercon.
Celtic Warrior: another two page, detailing a woman who dreams she's a Celtic Warrior. Drawn by Bryan and written by Lucy Swann.
For A Few Gallons More: another, near legendary appearance of Luther, this time on a parallel with two likely lads by the name of Ogoth and Ugly Boot.
The Fire Opal of Set: this is the first time that I myself ever became aware of Bryan and his work, and from this tiny beginning this whole site and the Heart of Empire Directors Cut have eventually grown.... this is a two part strip detailing the briefing given to a team of adventurers from Zero-Zero at the height of the cross parallel war, and was designed to be an introduction of the Arkwright Multiverse for players of the Traveller role playing game.
The Cannabis Conspiracy: This strip is Bryan's diatribe against the hypocrisy of the prohibition of cannabis.
And finally there is chapter one of Heart of Empire and chapter one of the Adventures of Luther Arkwright available for free in the free taster version of the Heart of Empire Directors Cut .
The design and content of this page and this entire website is copyright 1999, 2006 by James Robertson: all images are copyright 1999, 2006 by Bryan Talbot