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The Official Bryan Talbot fanpage / Alice in Sunderland homepage

Alice in Sunderland reviews


This page has been created to collate together all of the reviews of Alice in Sunderland; mainly because there have been so many!

Alice in Sunderland is: "A candidate for greatest graphic novel of all time" - see Top 10 graphic novels by Danny Fingeroth at the Guardian site.
Comics Worth Reading reviewed Alice in their Best of 2007 section.
Stephen Holland from Page 45 in Nottingham interviews Bryan about Alice in Sunderland
The first ever Alice in Sunderland interview at Panel to Panel.
Another review of Alice from the UK newspaper, the Guardian.
Alice in Sunderland limited edition bookplates
The legenday Boing-Boing site reviewed Alice
"British artist explores truth about Alice" - a review of Alice from the Patriot newspaper from the USA.
Publishers Weekly ran an interview with Bryan on Alice in Sunderland, called "Talbot deconstructs Alice and Lewis"
Read an excellent review from the Independent newspaper:"Alice in Sunderland is a tour de force landmark in graphic literature."
Also see the Tales from the Sunderland article, talking about how Alice in Sunderland originally did not have a publisher: this page is in the articles section of the site.
Silver Bullet Comics also reviewed Alice, with the wonderful phrase of "Don’t walk - run down to your comics emporium and get yourself this book"
A reviewer of children's literature reviews Alice on their blog.
Down the Tubes also have a long interview with Bryan about Alice.
You have to see this; a chap reviews Alice in Sunderland - in the style of Alice in Sunderland itself!
Martin Charlton of South Tyneside college also reviewed Alice.
There is an excellent site: Looking for Lewis Carroll - all about the creator of Alice in Wonderland.
The Sci Fi channel has also reviewed Alice - and they linked back here - which is always nice!

Alice in Sunderland is available to buy at now
Don't forget the Bryan Talbot fanpage Yahoo group; it's an excellent place to discuss Bryan's work with other fans - and even talk to Bryan on occasion!
  There's quite a few Alice related videos on YouTube: check out Bryan autographing a copy of Alice for a fan; a signing at Forbidden Planet; Bryan dedicating a copy of Alice to a fan and - saving the best to last - an excellent video review of Alice.
And finally don't forget the Alice in Sunderland homepage
If you have reviewed Alice on your own site or blog then please get in touch and let me know and I will add a link into your review from this page.
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