Parallel 00-72-87:

Puritan Protectorate Variation

Events on parallel 00-72-87 did not diverge from normal historical parameters until the aftermath of the English Civil War. Rather than ending the Puritan regime after the death of the first Lord Protector, Oliver Cromwell, it maintained control with the aid of Disruptor technology. The Civil War continued for another century. The Royalist cause was defeated and the descendants of Charles I were destined to live off the charity of the Monarchs of Europe.

The isolationist stance of England effectively stifled their drive for empire and colonies beyond those on the eastern seaboard of the North American continent. Further the Industrial Revolution took place elsewhere, in the Holy Prussian Empire. But Prussia did not benefit from her technological growth until after the end of the Napoleonic War. It took the combined might of both Russia and Prussia to stop the French, though Russia had soundly defeated the French in 1812.

During the Nineteenth Century, France concentrated on endeavours in Africa. Europe became divided between the Holy Prussian Empire and Russia. All of Northern Europe from the Low Countries in the West to Poland in the East governed by Prussia. The Russian Empire stretches from Poland all the way to the Pacific, as well as south into Turkey and India.

Currently France, which has remained a relatively weak Republic with colonial territories in North Africa, and England are allies against Prussia and Russia. Russia maintains the largest standing army, whilst Prussia has the best-equipped forces, in particular their Navy and Luftwaffe. There are strong ties between the Royal Families of Europe, which includes the remnants of English Royal Family.

In England, the Commonwealth Government maintains a tight control. Bastions of Royalist support remain, in particular the Isle of Man. In London the centre of Royalist support is to be found in the square mile of the Maze (roughly centred on St. Pauls Cathedral). Here besides Royalist sympathisers, can be found England's only overt taverns, theatres, brothels and Roman Catholic Churches.

Royalist resistance to the Puritan Regime is lead by the Pretender, Charles. Something of a foppish man, he is supported by his sister, Anne, The Princess Royale. Luther Arkwright is a General in the Royalist Army as well as acting as Charles' diplomatic envoy.


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