Luther Arkwright

+030 ST 013
+060 DX 015
+030 IQ 013
+030 HT 013
BASIC 2d-1 1d
BRAWLING 2d+1 1d+2
BOXING & KARATE 2d+2 1d+3 11
HEAVY SABRE 2d+3 1d+5 11 2
SABRE HILT / GUARD 2d+3 1d+5 11 2
KNIFE 2d-1 1d+2 11 2


Alertness +2 (+10), Appearance (Handsome) (+15), Autotrance (+05), Charisma +1 (+05), Combat Reflexes (+15), Composed (+05), Cultural Adaptability (+25), Danger Sense (+15), Enhanced Dodge (+15), Enhanced Parry (all weapons) (+10), Fit (+05), Greater Destiny (+15), High Pain Threshold (+10), Higher Purpose (End the threat of the Disruptors) (+05), Literacy (+10), Security Clearance Level 4 (Zero-Zero only - it will usually be lower on other parallels) (+20), Strong Will +2 (+08), Trained by a Master (+40), Unusual background (+10), Weapon Master (All) (+45), World Jumper (+100)


Unique (-05), Extremely Hazardous Duty (-20), Sense of Duty (to Zero-Zero and Humanity) (-15), Enemy (the Disruptors and their agents - appears quite often) (-80)


Believes in Fate (-01), Cares for all of the Rose Wyldes (-01)


Acrobatics P/H (4)-15, Anthropology M/H (2)-12, Area knowledge (Parallels) M/H (4)-13, Armoury (Hand Weapons) M/A (2)-13, Armoury (Rifles & Handguns) M/A (2)-13, Auto-hypnosis M/H (2)-12, Bard MA (1)-14, Beam Weapons P/E (1)-17, Body Sense P/H (2)-14, Body Language M/H (4)-13), Bow P/H (2)-14, Boxing P/A (2)-15, Brawling P/E (2)-16, Breath Control M/VH (4)-12, Broadsword P/A (2)-15, Camouflage M/E (2)-14, Carousing P/A (1)-14, Chess M/E (2)-14, Climbing P/A (1)-14, Computer Operation M/E (1)-13, Conspiracy Theory M/VH (12)-14, Cooking M/E (1/2)-12, Dancing P/A (1/2 )-13, Diplomacy M/H (1)-15, Driving (Automobile) P/A (1/2)-13, Electronics Operation (Communications) M/A (2)-13, Electronics Operation (Security Systems) M/A (2)-13, Electronics Operation (Weapons) M/A (2)-13, Erotic Art P/H (2)-14, Escape P/H (2)-14, Fast Draw (Knife) P/E (1/2)-14, Fast Draw (Magazine) P/E (1/2 )-14, Fast Draw (Pistol) P/E (1/2 )-14, Fast Draw (Sword ) P/E (1/2)-14, Fast Talk M/A (1)-14, Fencing P/A (4)-16, First Aid M/E (1/2)-12, French M/A (1/2)-14, German M/A (1)-14, Guns (Light Automatic) P/E (1/2 )-16, Guns (Pistol) P/E (1)-17, Guns (Rifle) P/E (1/2 )-16, Guns (Shotgun) P/E (1/2 )-16, Hiking P/A (2)-13, History M/H (8)-15, History (Esoteric) M/H (6)-14, Hold Out M/A (1)-14, Intelligence Analysis M/H (6)-14, Interrogation M/A (1)-12, Judo P/H (8)-16, Jumping P/E (1)-15, Karate P/H (8)-16, Knife P/E (1)-15, Knife Throwing P/E (1/2 )-14, Leadership M/A (2)-15, Literature M/H (2)-12, Lock Picking M/A (1)-12, Meditation M/VH (4)-12, Navigation M/H (2)-12, Occultism M/A (4)-14, Paraphysics M/VH (4)-12, Philosophy (Buddhism) M/H (4)-13, Pressure Points M/H (8)-14, Psionics M/VH (4)-12, Riding (Horse) P/A (1)-14, Running P/H (2)-12, Russian M/A (1/2)-13, Savoir Faire M/E (1)-15, Sex Appeal M/A (2)-13, Shadowing M/A (2)-13, Speedload (Magazine) P/E (1/2 )-14, Strategy M/H (6)-14, Stealth P/A (2)-15, Streetwise M/A (1)-12, Style Analysis M/H (4)-13, Survival (Mountains) M/A (1)-12, Survival (Plains) M/A (1)-12, Survival (Woodlands) M/A (1)-12, Swimming P/E (1)-15, Tactics M/H (6)-14, Throwing P/H (2)-14, Wrestling P/A (1)-14, Writing M/A (1)-12.


ESP-10 (+30) Combat sense-10, Precognition-10, Psychometry-30 (+20)
SKILLS Combat sense M/H (2)-12, Psychometry M/H (2)-12
Healing-10 (+30) Healing-10, Metabolism Control-10
SKILLS Healing M/H (1/2)-10, Metabolism Control H/M (1/2)-10
Telepathy-10 (+50) Emotion Sense-10 Mental Blow-10, Mental Stab-10, Mind Shield-10, Psi Sense-10, Sleep-10, Suggest-10, Tele-Receive-10, Tele-Send-10, Tele-Scan-10
SKILLS Emotion Sense-10 Mental Blow-10, Mental Stab-10, Mind Shield-10, Psi Sense-10, Sleep-10, Suggest-10, Tele-Receive-10, Tele-Send-10, Tele-Scan-10 Emotion Sense M/H (2)-12 , Mental Blow M/H (4)-13, Mental Stab M/H (1/2)-10, Mind shield M/H (6)-14, Psi Sense M/H (4)-13, Sleep M/H (1/2)-10, Suggest M/H (2)-12. Tele-Receive M/H (2)-12, Tele-Send M/H (2)-12, Tele-Scan M/H (4)-13
TOTAL +657

In all of the continuum Luther Arkrwright is an anomaly. There is only one. Luther has no parallel selves. He was bred by the Disruptors to be their ultimate warrior.

Born on Parallel 00-30-22, he is descended from a long line of decorated warriors who served England. His grandfather, killed in the trenches of World War I, and his father, a Battle of Britain ace with over fifty kills were both awarded the Victoria Cross. Indeed in many parallels, Luther holds the Victoria Cross himself.

Luther's mother was a Disruptor agent who died with her husband in a hospital room fire shortly after his birth. The fire was a cover for Luther's abduction by Disruptor agents. For the next fourteen years, Luther was raised by the Disruptors on a parallel devastated by a nuclear war. He only knew the insides of the bunker where he was subjected to an intensive training regime to make him the ultimate Disruptor warrior.

Luther escaped in 1964, instinctively flinging himself across the parallels to the parallel of his birth. The next six years were spent on the run or in hiding from Disruptor agents. In 1970 his was discovered and taken in by the Rose Wylde of that parallel, who was one of the selves that the Rose of Zero-Zero has an empathic link with.

Since his recruitment as an agent for zero-zero, Luther has been working against the Disruptors. His main aim, along with that of zero-zero, is to determine what the objectives of the Disruptors are. Part of this has included infiltrating and working with the anti-Disruptor forces on many parallels. Often these are English - for example, on parallel 00-72-87 he is a general in the Royalist cause as well as a diplomatic envoy; and on parallel 00-38-50 he is Captain Luther Arkwright, VC and Bar in the 10th Prince of Wales Own Royal Hussars, known for his links to the Commonwealth Intelligence Agency.

Along with the Rose of Parallel 00-32-22, Luther is intimate with several of Rose's selves. The Empathic Link means that all of the Roses feel this way about him to the same degree or less.


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