Psionics are a common occurrence within 'The Adventures of Luther Arkwright'. On the parallels where they are common it is thought by Zero-Zero that Disruptors have been breeding humanity for that purpose. The Disruptors usually seek to recruit those in which it does appear into their secret lodges or eliminate those who refuse. There they will receive further training and re-education. This will mean that those trained by the Disruptors will have a particular 'beta-wave' signature. Once recognised this is easy to spot again as it is common to all Disruptor trained agents.

The most common Psionic abilities are Telepathy and ESP with Healing a close third. One option to makes Psionics rarer would be for powers to be purchased as single abilities and cannot be bought as a group. This would mean that powers without any cost given will default to the group power cost. Skills remain as M/H.

Other abilities and powers are rarer still, especially where they have not been bred for (as the Disruptors do) and occur on a random basis. Telekinesis does seem to be one ability that the Disruptors breed for and use to manipulate events across the parallels.

Use in the game of Psionics is actually quite subtle. Only on rare occasions do their use actually flare into open confrontation. Normally Psionic use involves covert detection, intrusion, subversion, the stealing of information found there, and all hidden away from those not gifted.

New Psionic Abilities

Empathic Link

The empathic link is not an ability that works across geographical distance, but instead across parallels. It enables contact to be made with one's other selves on those parallels. Making the contact is quite strenuous and requires a great deal of concentration.

Empathic link costs 10 points for the first and four points for each new link on another parallel.

It has the pre-requisites of Emotion Sense, Tele-receive and Tele-send, all at power level three. This has a total cost of 24 points prior to the cost of Empathic Link.

The cost of Empathic link is less for the self on the receiving end - five points on top of the cost of the above Emotion Sense. Tele-receive and Tele-send at level three.

Empathic Link. M/H

The skill of opening and maintaining a link with another self on a parallel Earth. Like all Psionic skills and abilities it takes some concentration. One major effect of the link is that the feelings and emotions of the parallel selves will bleed over.

For example, the Rose Wylde of parallels 00-72-87, 00-32-22 and 00-38-56 all have strong feelings for, or are in love with Luther Arkwright. Yet whilst the Rose Wylde of Zero-Zero does not love him, she is affected by their feelings.


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