To date there are only two parallels where advanced technology has developed. Zero-Zero is one. It is a peaceful, advanced scientific democracy that has its origins in the Holy Roman Empire, which united the many states of Germany in the Middle Ages.

By 1600 the Empire held sway over the entire planet. War and Diplomacy saw that neither England nor France or Spain developed into world powers. Alongside the Empire developed a new religion: Science. Gutenburg's technological revolution became the 'Futurist Renaissance' and its popularity fuelled the eventual military coup which overthrew the Boy Emperor, Frederick V. The new scientific dictatorship was guided by the principles of the Advancement of Science. By 1800 John Dalton had proposed his Theory of Relativity, man was on the Moon by 1820; world poverty and famine were abolished by 1850.

The Zero-Zero of today is highly advanced, at approximately TL9. For the past eighty years it has been monitoring parallel worlds and the activities of a mysterious agency known as the Disruptors. The Valhalla Nova complex in London houses the hyper-computer that does this: W.O.T.A.N.

W.O.T.A.N. is a TL10 AI that actually monitors psychic energy flow through the continuum. The science of Psionics has been studied for 150 years and is relatively well understood. One area of psychic study that greatly enhanced efforts against the Disruptors is the Empathic Link. Those blessed with this rare ability through concentration, make contact with their parallel selves in other Earths. The Valhalla Nova Programme, which operates W.O.T.A.N. employs these Empaths to build networks of espionage agents to spy on Disruptor activity.

The Disruptors

The other advanced society, a secret one, is known as the Disruptors. Very little is known about them. It is known that they operate through several societies on each parallel - this increases the effectiveness of their control and prevents any loss of that control were one secret society to be exposed.

On each parallel the Disruptors establish control through an indigenous figure in authority and power. This is is known as a 'Bishop'. Neither this Bishop or the Pawns in the societies are normally aware that they are being used. Contact is only made with the Bishop via Disruptor Trans-Parallel Communicators (TPC). The Disruptors usually provide the Bishop they control with technology that is slightly (approximately one level) beyond that of the parallel. Nathaniel Cromwell, Lord Protector of the English Commonwealth on parallel 00-72-87 is a Disruptor Bishop.

Disruptor Knights are roving agents for the Disruptors. It is thought that these knights have been bred for their enhanced Psionic potential and trained since childhood. Highly dedicated, they roam the parallels working to achieve the mysterious aims of their Masters. Since their original appearance in the eighteenth century as priests in black robes, Disruptor Knights are the origins behind the concept of the 'Men in Black'.

In emergencies, the Disruptors employ their armoured super soldiers or Rooks. Originally thought to be robots, they are in fact cybernetically enhanced humans bred for the purpose.

Travel between the parallels is achieved using Trans-Parallel Vehicles (TPV). These are pyramidic structures. The ones used by Rooks are open frameworks that can be dismantled and the parts clipped to the armour of each Rook in the team. This armour also protects the Rooks from the effects of Trans-Parallel Travel.

Knights use an enclosed TPC which shields them. Some TPCs are keyed to the biosphere of a particular Knight, preventing their use by anyone else. Zero-Zero agents have captured Disruptor TPCs - both the keyed type and the un-keyed. The latter type have been used by Zero-Zero agents, but since a TPC can be controlled by the Disruptors, it is usually recalled when it is discovered to be stolen. In all cases the Zero-Zero is lost.

The closed type of TPC is approximately 12 foot square. It has an internal power source that powers the on-board computer, auto-med, as well as providing life support for up to 48 hours. This power source is not enough to fuel a jump to another parallel, the energy for which is drawn from the lattices of the continuum.


Despite the infinite number of parallels, Zero-Zero has determined that the majority of them conform to five historical variations. All of this is known to be as a result of Disruptor manipulation. These are the 'British Empire Variation', the 'Japanese Empire Variation' the 'Catholic Empire Variation', the 'Post Urban Collapse Variation' (on a few parallels this has gone as far as the use of atomic weapons) and the 'Puritan Protectorate Variation'. Note: the significant parallel, 00-72-87 is a Puritan Protectorate parallel.

Within these variations there can be many differences. Most parallels tail the events of significant parallels by anything up to 70 years or more. Technology will also vary. Though rarely is it more advanced than TL6 or TL7. Some of it may be of a fantastical nature, such as the aerial fortresses of the Prussian Luftwaffe in parallel 00-72-87.

Psionics appear throughout all parallels, but their occurrence varies greatly from one parallel to another. On the majority of parallels nothing is known about Psionics and the response to them would be one of fear, disbelief or scepticism.


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