Characters and Campaigns

There are two types of campaign that suggest themselves for 'The Adventures of Luther Arkwright'.

The first is the single parallel campaign where Disruptor influence is fought on only one Earth. The characters are indigenous to the parallel. One or more PC may be psychically gifted (though this should be fairly low level), though it is suggested that only one person has an empathic link with their other self in zero-zero.

This would be a 100 point campaign. Though the players would be free to design any character they wanted that fit into the parallel designated by the GM, an interesting variation would be for the players to role-play themselves in that parallel.

The second type of campaign would be based from Zero-Zero. The players, with characters designed using 125 points, would be strike teams working at the discretion of W.O.T.A.N. and Valhalla Nova.

New Disadvantages

Top heavy 5 points per level

A top heavy object will have a problem with its balance. This does not mean that the object will fall over normally, but if heavily struck in the top, will need to make a Dex roll to maintain upright. For each level of the Top Heavy disadvantage, the Dex roll is made at a -1 penalty.

New Skills

Electronic Operation (Trans-Parallel Communicator) M/A

Operation of the devices that enable both Zero-Zero and the Disruptors to communicate between parallels. The designs of each are quite similar as the Zero-Zero TPC is based upon a captured Disruptor design. A Zero-Zero agent would be at a -1 penalty to operate a Disruptor TPC and vice-versa.

Physics (Parallels) P/H

A sub-science quantum physics this is the study of the Multiverse. It also covers how Psionics work in an applied sense and how the science of Paraphysics interacts with the physical universe. In this sphere of knowledge, Paraphysics defaults to physics (parallels)-4.

Knowledge Skill (Parallels) M/H No default

Any skill can be taken with a speciality particular any number of parallels. For example: knowledge of Italian architecture or British History across the known continuum. This would be addition to the basic skill, so that the basic skill must be taken first at a minimum skill level of 12.


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