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The Official Bryan Talbot fanpage / The Adventures of Luther Arkwright homepage

Announcing the Official
Reproduction Vibrobeamer!



"The Executive Side-Arm For The Gentleman Assassin…"

Presenting The Armstrong Siddeley “Royal Albert” Vibro-Beamer – the most devastating hand held weapon ever devised!

This replica of Luther Arkwright’s most iconic weapon is constructed from ABS plastic, metal parts and hand carved wooden grips – the beamer is authentically weighted and given an extremely convincing weathered steel finish. Each will come with an individually sourced and hand restored genuine Victorian/Edwardian presentation case and as such each one will be a unique collector’s item.

The case label featured has been designed by myself after Bryan’s original illustration. The production version will feature a new label by Bryan himself! (he’s delighted with the beamer and has given his full backing)

To put the Vibro-Beamer into production will need at least 10 pre-orders with a cash deposit of £20GBP – the full retail price is estimated to be approximately £200GBP
To register interest please contact me at either or on

(also see this image at full size)

Also, the Adventures of Luther Arkwright is now available to read as a webcomic from this very website!

Warren Ellis has also written a review of the Adventures of Luther Arkwright: originally published at Artbomb's excellent site: check it out - we'll still be here when you get back! I have reprinted the review here, and also Warren's review of Heart of Empire.Also check out what Warren said about Bryan's work on the quotes page.

There is a lot of material on this site about Luther and his adventures: check out the galleries of artwork to see many pictures of him and the covers of the comics that he starred in; also stop by the articles page for many text based discussions and reviews, and specifically the review of the comic done by, and last but not least, check out the quotes page to see the praise heaped on Bryan's work by other artists and authors.

And to see a far more detailed analysis of the Adventures of Luther Arkwright then check out Rob Cave's thesis on the subject, and there is also more information on Luther's multiverse and his enemies, the Disruptors. There is also the Michael Moorcock and Alan Moore introductions to the Arkwright graphic novels.

For a not entirely unbiased view of Luther Arkwright then read the review of it, reprinted from the Popimage orginal. And if you have ever wanted to know how to break into the comics medium then check out Bryan's advice to new comics creators.

See also my personal account of what it was like to meet my hero for the first time - and why I am a fan of Bryan's work.

Bryan and myself have just completed the Second Edition of the Heart of Empire Directors Cut which contains the whole of the Adventures of Luther Arkwright in normal resolution and also in very high resolution; you can buy it right now from our online shop at Cafe Press. Alternatively you can buy the The Adventures of Luther Arkwright in traditional printed graphic novel format from Amazon.



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