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The Tale of One Bad Rat: press release:
movie rights acquired!


For Immediate Release, 2/14/02 Contact: Tom Lyle (276) 669-7889

Fat Dragon Productions Announces Acquisition of Award-Winning "The Tale of One Bad Rat" for Upcoming Film.

Fat Dragon Productions, a film production company headed by popular comic book artist Tom Lyle and his artist/writer wife Susan Paris Lyle, is proud to announce the procurement of the award-winning graphic novel "The Tale of One Bad Rat" for development as a feature length motion picture.

"The Tale of One Bad Rat," written by British comic artist Bryan Talbot, is the beautiful and dramatic story of a talented teenage girl struggling to regain self-worth and freedom from an abusive childhood. Her successful quest is classic, with some interwoven and unexpected fantasy elements. It has been published by Dark Horse Comics ('Star Wars', 'The Mask') in nine countries and has been in continual release since 1995.

The book has won numerous awards including the prestigious Eisner Award, the Comic Creator's Guild, two UK Comic awards, and the American Parent's Choice award. In 1998 it made the NY Times annual list of recommended reading. It is found as a set text for schools, universities, and in several children's counseling centers in Britain, Finland, France, Germany and North America.

Tom Lyle is writing the screenplay adaptation, and Fat Dragon predicts a 2003 production date. His independent film credits include the comedy "Bubbas in the Mist" and a psychological thriller "Dougie's Room." "Bubbas" was in the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival. "Dougie's Room" will be featured at the Silver Sprocket International Film Festival this year. Lyle has been in the comics field for 15 years and is well-known for his Spider-Man, Batman, Robin and 'Total Recall' comic book portrayals.

Richard O'Brien (Riff Raff in "The Rocky Horror Picture Show") has already been cast as Sir Noel Tod, one of the featured secondary characters in "The Tale of One Bad Rat."

Fat Dragon is also in pre-production with "Cleansing," a moving story focusing on religious oppression and how one girl's plight can shake the foundations of a town. Susan Paris Lyle has written the screenplay, based on a short story of the same name by Allison K. Linder.

For more information, contact Fat Dragon Productions at 276-669-7889.

Bryan sent me the following commentary on the press release:

Tom absolutely loves the book and, as far as I can tell, is very keen on sticking as close to the original as he can. He'll be consulting me on cast, getting my comments on the script (which he's writing now) etc though, after that, it'll be his baby. In a way I don't mind what happens to the story in its transition to film. As far as I'm concerned the graphic novel is my artistic statement. The film will be something different though, of course, I'm hoping it'll be fantastic!

I remember Stephen King being asked what he thought of what Kubrick had done to his book when The Shining came out. "Nothing's happened to my book", said King, "it's still up there on the shelf".

At the moment I'm just hoping that it's made. You know how many film projects never make it to the screen.

For more information on Bryan and his work, there are many resources available on the site: his biography and a stripography of all of his comics. There are numerous articles about Bryan and his work, and lot of images too. Bryan has recently completed a CD-Rom of his Heart of Empire comic, that has been gaining a lot of favourable attention.

Forany further information or for any quotes or interview requests, please contact the webmaster.


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