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A Scenario for 23rd Parallel's Luther Arkwright Role Playing Game.

By Peter Brown. Artwork by Bryan Talbot.


This module is designed as a medium level adventure for 2 - 4 players and is set approximately two years before the events of the graphic novel take place. The adventure is set on parallel 20.38.56, one of the few remaining British Empire variations. Arkwright fans will notice that this parallel runs adjacent to the variation upon which Luther begins the graphic novels and smart GMs may like to tie in the Disruptor agents that he mentions to Rose as being another attempt to disrupt these parallels after the PC's successful completion of this module.....


This parallel is operating about 70 years behind our own, so that at the time of the adventure (1982) this parallel is experiencing events we would associate with 1916. The technology level is approximately equal to our own in 1916.
The history of this parallel followed ours almost exactly until a stray cannon ball killed the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte as he led his army in the disastourous Russian campaign of 1892. Without the skill of Bonaparte to lead them, the French armies were destroyed and France over-run by the Allied armies. Louis xviii returned to the throne but ruled weakly and indecisively, leading to a series of internal rebellions and economic recessions that has kept France weak ever since. With the threat of France gone, there was no impetus for the various German States to unite and a series of border wars and land disputes have kept them as individual states to the present day. This left the board clear for two great powers to emerge.
The British Empire soon covered most of the globe and Americas decision to become part of the commonwealth after the revolution failed left Britain with a vast market to export to. It was Russia and Britain who carved up Africa and the Asian colonies and who soon became the two great superpowers. However, close links between the Royal Families of these two great nations meant that it was always a friendly rivalry with world trade and lands being divided amicably.


The disruptors have always been present on 20.38.56. but despite the occasional war (such as the Afghan Conflict or the Crimean Expedition) they have been unable to bring these two Empires to blows. They now see a risk that with increased co-operation, this parallel could become a stable influence in the multiverse (in much the same way as Zero-Zero is)
They now plan to undermine the power of Tsar Nicholas II in order to bring about the Russian Revolution. With Russian power in their hands, the disruptors plan to start an arms race which will bring about global war on this parallel.
To this end they have raised Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov Lenin as a Disruptor Pawn, promising him victory and supplying him with arms and funds. They have caused the Harvests of 1980 and 81 to fail all over Russia, leading to great unrest amongst the peasants due to food shortages. In addition, a border war has been conceived with the state of Saxony which Russia is doing rather badly in despite its advantages in numbers and resources. However, their main Ace is Rasputin!!


Role Player Independent February 1993
LUTHER ARKWRIGHT c Bryan Talbot 1990