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The Official Bryan Talbot fanpage / The Bryan Talbot Gallery Guide

The Bryan Talbot Thumbnail Galleries: Number 2


Brainstorm re-release promo

This is a promotional A4 sheet for the re-release of Brainstorm Comix, and especially Chester Hackenbush, the Psychedelic Alchemist....

The Montage

A montage of all the characters that Bryan has drawn over the years. I am slowly uploading a page on each character with their history, appearances etc, so have a look and see who can be clicked on!

Graphic Novel Two cover

The cover of the second Graphic novel and one of my favourite images of Luther ever

Click here to go to the Luther ascending image page

Luther Ascending

One of the most powerful images in the entire series: Luther when he dies for the first time, ascending to the mystic light...

The Death of Rose

This is the cover of the third Graphic Novel and shows the death of Rose: it's one of the most moving images of her death in the series, and I bought the third Graphic Novel specifically to own this image and to then publish it on this site.

Click here to go to the Censor image page

The Censor

This illustration was created for Visions of Freedom, a trading card benefit set for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. I think it's an excellent portrayal of a demented censor at work.

One Bad Rat

Click here to go to the One Bad Rat image page

This is the last panel of the One Bad Rat series, but it stands on its own as an excellent picture. This is the fine art print that Bryan signed for me that I've got framed - and it looks stunning!

Click here to go to the Battle of London image page

The Battle of London

This is the first picture that Bryan has authorised for publication from the forthcoming sequel to the Adventures of Luther Arkwright, and depicts the famous Battle of London.


Chester P Hackenbush

Click here to go to the Chester P Hackenbush image page

This is the cover to the single volume edition of the Chester P Hackenbush trilogy.

Chester is the Psychedelic Alchemist, whose adventures are detailed in this trilogy.


Click here to go to the Frank Fazakerley image page

Frank Fazakerley

Frank Fazakerley - Space Ace of the Future, is a hysterically funny pastiche of just about every B sci-fi movie / series ever made, and especially of the old black and white Flash Gordon films.

Ace Wilmslow

Click here to go to the Ace Wilmslow image page

Ace Wilmslow's Amazing Rock 'n' Roll Adventures!

Ace is a freelance Rock journo who just happens to get caught in fifties private eye aliens-trying-to-enslave-humanity style escapades! 

Click here to go to the Luther Teleporting image page

Luther's Cross Parallel Teleportation

This is an animation of Luther teleporting from the middle of the battle of London on Para 00.72.87 to the Disruptor base on who knows which alternative? This is a fairly large file, but I think that it is worth it.

The animation will loop around again after a while.

The thumbnail link on the left will take you to version one of this animation: however I have just revisited this file, on the suggestion of a regular visitor to the site and redone the animation whithout so much emphasis on making the file size small, and this time with a longer animation: check out version two and let me know what you think.

Bryan at the Alchemy shop

This is a publicity shot of Bryan in 1982 at the Alchemy shop in the Portobello Road, London, with the Brainstorm comic and the first Arkwright graphic novel.

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