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The Official Bryan Talbot fanpage / The Bryan Talbot Gallery Guide

The Bryan Talbot Thumbnail Galleries: Number 1


This is a eclectic mix of Bryan's art, mostly unpublished or in obscure publications, or on the back of old editions of comics: anyway, I like them, and I hope you will too.


Victoria Mary Elizabeth Boudicca Miranda Cordelia Arkwright Stuart

Click here to see the Mary Stuart image page

This is Victoria, the heroine of the sequel to the adventures of Luther Arkwright: Luther's daughter by Anne and also a Homo Novus.

Click here to see the Luther Arkwright image page

Luther Arkwright

This is the picture that was on the back cover of Issue 5 of the Valkyrie Press series of the Adventures of Luther Arkwright ("The Theatre of Cruelty")

Zaffra and the Dragon

Click here to see the Zaffra and the Dragon image page

This is an excellent Sword and Sorcery style picture, done in Bryan's usual excellent style, with amazing attention to detail.

This image also exists in a colour version, and you can also see both versions side by side on one page so as to be able to compare them.

Click here to see the first Celtic Warrior image page

Celtic Warrior (part 1)

An entire story on two pages about a Celtic Warrior (what else?!), beautifully realised by Bryan, with script by Lucy Swan and logo and lettering by Amer Anwar.

Celtic Warrior (part 2)

The second part of the Celtic Warrior strip.

Click here to see the Helen Potter image page

Helen Potter, the heroine of One Bad Rat

This is an image of Helen, revelling in the freedom and clean open spaces of the Lake District.

Luther Arkwright in church

This is a one off picture, for the front cover of Gamesmaster magazine, of Luther in church lighting a candle. I always like to think that the candle is in rememberance of Rose - but if it was in remembrance of her, then it would take place after Luther had cast his vibrobeamer into the sea and renounced violence - so maybe it is in memory of another of the alternative Rose's that has died in the campaign against the disruptors.

Click here to see the Storyteller image page

The Storyteller

Another one-off picture (who reminds me of Murdoch from the Adventures of Luther Arkwright - but who am I to pass comment?!) This image has just been reprinted in the Friends of Lulu book Storytime published at $9,95. They have a website at

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