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The Official Bryan Talbot fanpage / Articles

The Art of Bryan Talbot:
press release


A study in brilliant versatility: This book will put most people’s notions about Bryan Talbot on end.

From the hard grinding Judge Dredd to the elaborate Luther Arkwright through such completely dissimilar styles as psychedelic pop star depictions, early underground, all the way to the open light direct style of The Tale of One Bad Rat, this book brings together the outstanding diversity of this under-rated extraordinarily gifted artist.

We’re invited into his artistic home as it were, as Talbot personally comments on all the pieces presented here with his own anecdotes, insights and memories.

For most, this will be a discovery of the many facets of Talbot’s career, as we most probably know a couple of aspects and may not have been familiar with all the other myriad ones.

An artist capable of such a wide palette of styles is indeed rare. “Most great artists have their specific style they are rightly famous for,” notes NBM publisher Terry Nantier, “but there are a few who reach the level of a Moebius, or McKean, who can be amazing artistic chameleons and go from one style to an utterly different one and back again at will. It’s a dazzling display of talent and this book clearly opens one’s eyes to Talbot being clearly part of that rarefied atmosphere. Yet Talbot is, in person, very unassuming and simple, totally unpretentious.”

The book moves along basically chronologically and covers his early underground work (Chester P. Hackenbush), The Adventures of Luther Arkwright, one of his most famous series, posters of and for rock stars, Judge Dredd, classic styled sketches and nude drawings few have ever seen, the widely acclaimed The Tale of One Bad Rat, Heart of Empire to his latest Alice in Sutherland which has gotten a lot of press earlier this year, all peppered with various notable commissions and illustrations along the way.

Welcome to Bryan’s world as he presents it to you in person.

He is available for interviews. Please the publishers NBM Publishing.

Also see the cover to the Art of Bryan Talbot, and buy this book from Amazon right now.

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