An open letter to a comics virgin - downloadable ecomic

This is the fulfilment of yet another long held ambition - to turn the comics that Bryan releases for publication on the website into downloadable ecomics so that people can download them, save them and send them to anyone they like.

This strip by Bryan was published early in 2013 and was specially commissioned by The Author magazine to introduce members of the Society of Authors to the medium of comics and the form of the graphic novel.

First published in 1890, and featuring articles by writers such as HG Wells, Bernard Shaw, EM Forster and Lord Tennyson in its long history, this is the very first time it has included a comic strip!

Download "An open letter to a comics virgin" and let me know what you think of it at the Bryan Talbot Facebook fanpage or on the Bryan Talbot twitter feed. (please note: your browser is most likely not set up to recognise .cbr files and so a quick click on the link to download the comic will make it open directly in your browser: you will most likely need to right click and do a "save as" to download it, and them open it in one of the ecomics apps mentioned below)

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