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The players should already know each other, or at least have been on similar missions for Zero-Zero before. This scene opens in a briefing room on 00.00.00., Valhalla Nova.
Enter Field Operations Section Leader; Rose Wylde:

"Good Morning Team. Time is of the essence so I will get right to the point. Parallel 20.38.56. is one of the few remaining British Empire variations, and it is also one of the few remaining parallels that is relatively free of Disruptor influence. Our agents have reason to believe that an attempt will be made on the life of the Prime Minister of the British Empire on that variation tomorrow. What the Disruptors hope to achieve is unknown, but since this variation is running approximately 70 years behind our own it has not yet experienced one of the 1914-1918 war variations. Nor is it likely too, given the present good relations between the superpowers. Your mission is to prevent the assassination at all costs and to uncover the disruptor plans. Your contact on 20.38.56. will be one of my 'otherselves' who has been working with us for five years. She will meet you and provide you with accommodation, equipment that is compatible with the technology level as well as any additional information you require concerning the parallel. Travel will be by way of a Gate which will bring you out in Highgate cemetery, in an area renowned for its ghost sightings. You leave in two hours. Are there any questions?"

Rose will answer any questions that the players think they need to know before they leave. However, most questions will be answered by Rose Wylde on parallel 20.38.56. The players should be allowed to take any weapon or equipment with them that they desire as long as it is compatible with the tech level of parallel 20.38.56. (no lasers or portable TVs please).


Role Player Independent February 1993
LUTHER ARKWRIGHT c Bryan Talbot 1990