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The Official Bryan Talbot fanpage / Articles

A review of Heart of Empire by Comics International


This is what Comics International had to say about Heart of Empire:

Heart of Empire 1 by Bryan Talbot

The exquisite linework from the first Arkwright series has evolved into a simpler, more elegant style which, combined with the vibrant but strangely flat colouring, saps some of Bryan Talbot's visual charm. But his storytelling remains as rich as ever as he spins a tale of strange doings, sinister priests and missing royal twins. (AK) 7 out of 10. This Luther Arkwright sequel is a fresh and intriguing mystery set in an imaginary Britain and drawn with painstaking detail. A labour of love and it shows. (HS)


Heart of Empire 2 by Bryan Talbot

Bryan Talbot's tale of twisted steampunk and Regency-style decadence ripens as he stirs more ingredients into the brew. As the cast, including some old familiar faces, gathers to celebrate the anniversary of Arkwright's victory we catch a glimpse of the real corruption at the heart of the Empire. (AK) 7 out of 10. Bryan Talbot's sequel to his epic Adventures of Luther Arkwright is proving to be a marvellous rollercoaster of associations, hints and resonances. The ambitious narrative forms of the original are now integrated into a more staightforward but densely packed narrative, for which Angus McKie's colouring is wonderful. This is a treat not to be missed. (MK) 9 out of 10. Only the second issue but already Bryan Talbot's imagination is in full flight for this superb mix of church, politics and science fiction. The excesses and magnificence of the reprised British empire are wonderfully depicted. The Victorian era may be in vogue at present but Talbot's originality sets him apart from the crowd. Superb. (PT)


Heart of Empire 3 by Bryan Talbot

Although the pace of his storytelling may have slowed somewhat since the first Arkwright saga, the richness of Bryan Talbot's character writing here has grown considerably. This issue Princess Victoria's psychic powers unfold as she investigates her birthright and missing twin, and the wonderfully disgusting Harry Fairfax returns.


Heart of Empire 4 by Bryan Talbot

Angus Mckie's colouring adds a gorgeous depth to Bryan Talbot's simpler art, making this series a visual treat. Mean-while Talbot's rich storytelling lures the reader into his characters' decadent, debauched world. He even manages to give the sex scene a sense of sweaty style. (AK) 7 out of 10.


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